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The Castaway Community

Jayel Priester 

 Known as DreadheadGamerGirl on many platforms     
Jayel is a 20 year old Entrepreneur & Content Creator.

"I have played the Sims franchise for as long as I can remember and with the love... borderline addiction I have for it, paired with the knowledge and drive I have gained as an entrepreneur, I managed to build a community of over 3 thousand members in 6 months."

"We all want to share our hobbies, passions, & personalities with people who relate. So for someone who has gone from a Lifelong Casual Gamer to a Gaming Content Creator, I am the firmest believer of "If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It!"

So keep on dreamin'...

The Castaway Community 

Twitch is the a big world and we are our own little island full of people from all walks of life... Castaways!

A community of caring, personable, fun, creative, intelligent, genuine; likeminded people. Lead by a quirky, talkative, honest, & overall honest young woman. 

"The day I created the DHGG channel I knew I wanted it to be a community. Back then we weren't known as the Castaways, as ya know I was streaming to just about no one, BUT as grew and found my place in the world of Twitch, I ended up with far more than a community, but a family. Our Ohana!" 

"We all want to be ourselves to the fullest and have people love and enjoy us just so. Creating a safe and relatable place for my community, has by far been my biggest accomplishment as a Streamer."

See What Some Of The Castaways Have To Say

* "I love how everyone is so loving and caring in this community!"

"Each time I’m on stream, I’m always welcomed and my day immediately gets better! During our breaks, I’ve been getting to know some of the castaways and it’s been so nice to know them more!"

- B. Bunny

* "To Jayel, my fellow survivalist, (mod team) and castaways, you have had my heart since the day I hit that follow button."

"I was new to the twitch skreets (as Jay would say lol) and was browsing the sims category when I found the stream. I lurked for a little bit and then I left. A week or so later, simssav decided to raid Jay and I've loved you and the Castaway Community every since. Now Jay I consider you a little sister and the Castaway's my home away from home! Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely the sweetest people in this world. This community has brought the best out of me and has helped me build my confidence to start streaming myself."

- R. See

* "What an amazing and uplifting person you are!

"I actually miss having someone remind me to put myself first, to hydrate and even take a break. The fact that you care for us so deeply really set you apart from other streamers. Your followers and subbers know that and adore YOU so much! Thank you for hosting and providing such a safe and communal space! I love you Castaways so much! Because when we're together, we aren't alone in this!

- S. Bubbles


* "I need to say this this is one of the first communities that I felt welcomed in."

"I was always feeling odd as I was an "older" simmer. That never mattered in this community! It's also because of Jayel, that I am now a streamer. Always seeing the best in everyone and it's always heartwarming!"

- Mrs.M Delphia

* "To my fellow castaways, As I tend to do I will first thank all of you. This is an amazing community, in fact this is the first community that I have spent time in consistently."

"I have had twitch for a while but I wasn't very into watching streams. And I would say it was fate that I landed on the island (or found the Fam-i-lay) that day last February. It was the first time I had watched Sav on twitch and at the end of the stream she raided Jay, who was playing the apocalypse challenge. In the past I wouldn't actually go on the raids but I did this time and found this amazing community. Jay's energy and overall vibe was amazing which ultimately got me to stay in the community. Since then we had multiple long streams and I have gotten to watch this community grow. All the castaways that have joined us throughout the time have been amazing, and I have loved getting to know everyone. We love spending time watching Sims (be dumb) but more importantly talking with Jay and her amazing personality. Once again I want to say thank you to all the castaways that have been on this journey watching the community grow, whether you are a regular chatter or a 'lurker in the back' as we say.

- B. Lover

* "It’s the constant radiating of positive energy for me truly, no matter what mood I’m in before joining your streams, you always end up making me smile and laugh because of how effortlessly you embrace your true silly self. Love being a part of this family, no matter how far off the island I’ve accidentally drifted in the past!

- S. BaeBae

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