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Born a Mermaid somewhere in the deep blue sea, Adella a smart, loving, & adventurous mer-girl raised by her parents & 3 older siblings.

As a family of mermaids they had the whole wide world to explore, but with one rule... never talk to a human! After not only talking to a human but falling in love with one, Adella was banished by her parents from their family. She went on to marry the love of her life Marley and had a beautiful daughter named Nalah.


Born a Sim on the Island of Sulani, Marley "Castaway" loved by his parents until their unexpected demise when Marley was in his late teens. He went on to raise himself with the support of the community of Ohan'ali Town and turned into a fine young man going to school to become a doctor while still being an active and positive member of the island of Sulani, but he still felt something was missing... a family! Years later after meeting a beautiful mermaid and falling completely in love, Marley made the hardest decision of his life... he ate the Kelp known to turn man to Mermaid, left his life on the island of Sulani and started that family with the love of his life Adella.

Castaway Legacy


Gen 1

Born half Sim half Mermaid to a pair of wonderful parents, Nalah was taught both Sim and Mermaid equally had good and evil. She was told stories of the land by her father while living her life exploring the world with her friends and family! On what seemed like a beautifully normal night, somewhere in the sea Nalah & her parents were on a night swim when a heavy storm appeared! Nalah was separated from her mom & dad and later woke up on land... Now casted away on the island of Sulani, Nalah is proudly living as both Sim & Mermaid with the knowledge of her father & strength of her mother & strives to make them proud! Especially in the number one "lesson" they taught her... finding her true love!

Gen 2


Gen 3


Castaway Gallery

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